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Great Site For U.S. History Projects


Footnote is an incredible site for students to create projects about U.S. History.  It provides access (free) to thousands of primary images and documents, which students can easily include in an online report.  The report will then be hosted by Footnote.  You can see a very rudimentary sample I made in five minutes here.

It’s easy to differentiate projects based on the English level of your students.

I’ll certainly be using it in my U.S. History, Government, and World History classes next year.

I’ve placed in on my Examples of Student Work page under Student American History Reports.

You might also want to revisit a post  I wrote a few months ago about another site where students can make online U.S. History projects.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. I like that site and looked at it some time ago. The only problem with it (unless they’ve changed it in the last couple of months) is that to view many of the really good documents you have to pay a subscription fee.

    All the documents that are free to view on that site, you can find on other sites as well.

    However, the advantage of this site is you can collect them in one folder or presentation or call it whatever you want.

    Bottom line? I like the site, just not the subscription fee for viewing some (many) of the documents!

  2. Eric,

    I definitely agree about not liking the subscription fee and about the advantage you cited of being able to collect the documents on one folder. That advantage is the reason I like the site so much. It makes it very easy for English Language Learners to begin to become familiar with primary sources.

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