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Brain Pop & Closed Captions


I’ve written about Brainpop Movies before (Brainpop Movies).  If you’re teaching a content class (Science, Social Studies, Health) to English Language Learners, I’ve found it so helpful that it’s one of the very, very few web applications I think worth paying for.

It’s just gotten even better for English Language Learners.  In the past, they’ve only had closed-captions on the smaller number of movies available on Brainpop, Jr. 

But now it appears that all, or at least most, of their regular movies also have closed captioning available.

They always have many movies for free, even if you’re not a subscriber, so it’s worth checking out this new feature.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Looks good. I just tried one video on Brainpop and Brainpop jr. The one on brainpop had only a few keywords that appeared on screen (it was the one on Leonardo da Vinci). Presumably closed caption is a feature that you need to turn on, but I couldn’t see where/how to do that (and I looked for all of 10 seconds…)

  2. Marco,

    When you click on the movie to actually play it, a small “CC” comes up right below the movie “screen.” You click on that and you’ll get closed captioning.


  3. Thanks, Larry, the “CC” is not available in the 2 free movies I watched, but it shows up on another subscribers-only movie after I signed up for the free trial. The CC option then is available for subscribers only. I really like the movies: high quality. Well spotted!

  4. Marco,

    Thanks for checking it again and pointing this out. It was available for the free social studies movies I checked, but obviously not for all of their free movies.


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