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  1. I recommend this site with animated sagittal diagrams to go along with the sounds

  2. For Pronunciation:

    For Listening to real everyday English: (good for Korean students)

  3. Hi Larry!

    To practice pronunciation:

  4. Larry – I’m not entirely sure what you mean by speaking English but I’d like suggest looking at my site (which is new).

    It’s the start of something really big (I hope). Soon we’ll be on V2 fixing all of todays problems and then, we can upgrade the games to audio games, add definitions etc etc etc.

    Your blog, and Learning with Computers, are great. thanks. john

  5. Some interesting pronunciation tips here:

    And wonderful games to get familiar with the phonetic symbols in the following site:

  6. For an English-based phonetic spelling go to The free converter there changes web pages to phonetic spelling. The text converter there changes type or pasted-in text to phonetics. The accent is USA English, taken from popular dictionaries.

    Truespel is simple phonetics based on commonest English spellings of sounds. The 40 English sounds are spelled consistently in truespel notation using no special symbols. Read it and be able to pronounce English in a typical USA English accent.

    Tom Zurinskas
    creator of truespel

  7. Here are my own lists:

    Maybe there are some sites without any interest, or some of them have been mentioned before. But you can explore them and I’m sure there will be something useful.
    Enjoy it

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