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Bloglines Has Stopped Updating Edublogs Feeds….Again


Bloglines, as they periodically do, stopped picking-up new posts from this blog, and all Edublogs, last Wednesday.  If you’ve subscribed via the Feedburner option over the past couple of months you’re fine, but the over one hundred of you who are using the regular Edublogs feed are missing out.

If you are using Bloglines as your RSS Reader, and you’re physically coming to this blog to see why you haven’t received any new posts, I’d strongly encourage you to change the feed you’re using to the Feedburner option.

I’ll also repost this information whenever Bloglines starts updating again.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hi
    I’m really glad I came across your blog. It’s absolutely fantastic. It was only yesterday that I was wondering why my students’ blog updates weren’t showing up on my bloglines. Thanks.

    I am currently doing my dissertation on the use of blogs in ELT and am getting my IELTS students to blog alongside their class work as part of my research. Just started blogging so fingers crossed I can get enough data in 5 weeks. I’m sure i will be visiting your blog again. Our class blog is

  2. I switched from Bloglines to Google Reader this year. It just seemed easier since I began using Google Docs and Gmail.

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