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  1. Smallville
    Prison Break
    Corner Gas

    I think the best way is to get students involved in the show, but do not show them a complete episode if possible. This way they’ll want to watch the rest on their own.

    I sincerely hope that “Friends” does not make the list – I hate that show with a passion.

  2. I just realized that this thread was also asking for movies

    An Inconvenient Truth takes about 2 hours for me to do 12 minutes of clips throughout – students don’t see the whole thing.

    Almost Famous

    Stand by Me

    and considering using Mr. Brooks, but haven’t prepared anything yet.

  3. To mention some sitcoms ( which I think are better because of the time) I have used Seinfeld and Joey (especially the episode “Joey and the ESL).
    Then I’ tell you more.
    I have to go to work.
    See you and thank you for your help.


  4. It’s really hard to use a movie in an ELLing classroom….unless you do it over a longer time frame. But that “kills” the movie.

    I think for the most part movies should supplement teaching and using trailers would be a much better teaching focus OR just using certain parts of movies students have already seen.

    I used to teach a “movie” lesson each week. One of my favs was “BIG” . I’ll start a thread and upload the whole movie with tons of activities and lessons on EFL Classroom 2.0 . This movie works well when cut into parts ……..


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