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Twitter For ESL/EFL Teachers


Frank, who also coordinates the Mexico English Teacher’s Alliance (both his blog and the META site are worth checking-out), has begun an ESL/EFL Crowd Status site for those who have Twitter accounts.

He writes that the idea “is that inside of twitter we can now monitor tweets from those that identify as ESL/EFL teachers and form a sense of twitter community and share and communicate with each other.”

I haven’t gotten involved in Twitter but, if I did, the first thing I’d do is join Frank’s group.

If you’d like to join, Frank writes, you must have a twitter account, be an ESL or EFL teacher and send him a DM (direct message) or @reply on twitter to his account at “metaweb20.”

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Dear Larry,

    join twitter, it’s fun 🙂 i’ve even “twittered” about our project! On twitter I’m julianna07.


  2. Actually I think the idea is great, it’s almost like a centralized repository of blogs related to EFL – I already found a couple that I’ve subscribed to.

  3. Thanks a bunch Larry.

    Each “crowd” currently has a 100-member capacity (like an elevator I guess). Ready to go up? EFL/ESL Teacher Crowd no.1 still has 33 slots open. So please DM me (or reply @metaweb20) at twitter, as Larry noted.

    It is nice to see faces of the ESL-EFL world together as a group from time to time. Also, if you know other ESL EFL twitteres, shoot me their twitter name and I can add them too.

    🙂 Frank

  4. thanks larry
    it’s a great idea and a good way of inter-acting with new and other efl and esl teachers around the world. i am always glad to meet and e-mail other school teachers who are twitters , thanks again

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