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Time Tube

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I recently posted about Dipity, a new online timeline-maker.

Dipity has added a neat new service called Time Tube. You enter a topic — for example, World War II, and it will immediately create a timeline of videos about it. It could be a useful tool in social studies and science (maybe looking at the history of specific science discoveries?) classes.

That is, it could be a useful tool if you’re in a District that doesn’t block YouTube. All the videos appear to come from there, and I know they won’t get through our District’s filter.

I’m placing the link on my website under Student Timelines.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. Hi Larry –

    I always enjoy seeing the great finds you uncover online. Sorry I haven’t commented more before now, when I want to put a word of caution up. I tried out TimeTube and I’d say that it makes more sense for teachers than students. The matches aren’t going to be filtered much for quality or appropriateness, and I’d hesitate to send students wandering through some of what turns up. I tried some pretty tame searches (Harper Lee, Nelson Mandela), and found a few random unrelated items, weak student projects, a music video, some Afrikaaner/Nationalist propaganda, and the timeline makes everything seem pretty recent. However, if I were looking for something to present myself, I could pull from this resource.

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