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New Online Video Games


I’ve learned about two new online video games that provide a variety of English-language development opportunities.

One is from the Canadian Broadcasting Company and is called The Border. Players are in the role of a terrorist suspect, and have to listen to an interrogator and choose various responses to questions.

The other is a James Bond game called Never Question Tomorrow. It’s a “point-and-click” adventure with simple text and fun.

Usually, I have Walkthroughs (instructions for how to win) that students use to maximize English usage when playing the game. But these have plenty of those opportunities on their own.

I’ve placed links to both on my website under Word and Video Games.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Well – count on those Canadians to get in on the fear mongering…..I really think that rather than just playing these games, students could have a good discussion on the implications for our society — this “us” vs “them” and fear everywhere world we are creating…….

    I wish the talents of the multi trillion dollar TV/film industry would go towards something more “enlightening”! Oh well.


  2. David,

    Excellent point == one that I should have made in my post.


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