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Mingoville is an exceptional site from Denmark designed to teach Beginning English Language Learners. There are many interactive exercises and games, it’s very colorful, and there are both listening and speaking activities. I haven’t explored the site fully, but it has an easy voice recording feature.

You can experiment with it as a guest for a few minutes, but then you have to register. It’s completely free, and registration took about twenty seconds.

It’s so good I’ve placed in on my website under Favorite Sites. In fact, if your students are a little intimidated by having 8,000 categorized sites to choose from on my site, going to Favorite Sites is a good place to start.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Larry,

    This is pure gold! I spent a few hours exploring and can really say with confidence this is what we’ve all been waiting for – in terms of a FREE, online learning environment for young learners. You really hit the jackpot with this and I’ve contacted them to see if I can help promote the portal.

    I say it is so good a) because of the basic topics and creative use of color/character b) functionality is awesome, intuitive — just hit NEXT when you hear the little clack c) audio included
    d) goal/task oriented where students complete missions which show up in their book

    The only thing missing is networking/discussion but I really see this as a separate feature for more mature learners…..they get it right, “it’s about “education” stupid”…. Thanks for the gold.


  2. Unique! if you want to teach your child in a way that you as a parent can spend a quality time, mingoville is the answer, just so everyone will know this site also awakens every child imagination, and it makes their memory active, they remember English terms…and I say this works for adults too in their listening ability, words I think my be too much…but every ESL students young and old should try…As the saying goes “Experience is the great teacher”…

  3. Yes- it’s an excellent online English program for kids indeed. Even my 4 years old nephew is thrilled when playing around even though he doesn’t understand any of it- yet.

    What I also appreciate about the program is that it has recording feature and other fun exercises like karaoke- my kids can practice their pronunciation in the dictionary as well as having fun recording their own singing. They learn English- just in a very fun way!

    Check out Mingoville channel on Youtube as well- fun videos..

  4. Thanks for the tip.I’ve check the site and its really great.They teach you the English language in very artistic way.

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