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“Seven Secrets Of Student Learning”


I’ve written before about the excellent free bi-weekly email newsletter from Middle Web called “Of Particular Interest.” You can subscribe to it by sending a note to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

That was a preface to an interesting piece in the most recent edition.  Quoting John Norton, Middleweb’s editor: “A recent “practice guide” from the federal National Center for Education Research distills what its panel of scholarly authors believe are seven of the best research-based instructional strategies teachers can use to improve student learning…Don’t be put off by the lengthy scholarly introduction — skim and skip to
page 4.”

I followed John’s advice and thought that page was interesting.  I’ll be sharing it with colleagues.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Thank you, Larry. This is the kind of information that helps us to validate our recommendations. The seven principles support the integration of technology tools and strategies which enhance learning and memory. No longer must we be wedded to text and lecture based instructional methods.
    Thanks to you, I’m blogging about this in a two part series.

  2. >>Teach students that the best time to figure out if they
    have learned something is not immediately after they
    have finished studying, but rather after a delay.

    It is worth remembering some students may think once a lesson is learned, it may be forgotten. Let them know it will be reintroduced as a path to resource memory. Key.

    Larry, thank you for the direction to pg 4. Not sure I would have made it that far 🙂

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