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Several of my Hmong students worked on their “Senior Project” this year, and did it on various aspects of Hmong culture.

I helped them out a little bit by finding some good links that I put on my Bilingual Resources page under Hmong (even though they’re not focused on English-language learning).

The sites include the Hmong Cultural Center (be sure to click on “Visit Our Learn About Hmong Arts Website” on the left of the screen) and Hmong Search, a search engine for Hmong resources.

In addition, I also added some language-learning links to the same section.

Mark Thompson’s English-Hmong Audio Dictionary appears to back working after being down for awhile. I also added a Hmong Text-To-Voice Reader, which will “speak” Hmong text that’s written in it. Developing literacy is one’s home language is a big help to learning a second one.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. Larry,

    Literacy is so much connected to stories. The Hmong have a long and rich literary tradition but it’s only in the last 14 years that they’ve gained the momentum for a written literary tradition. Check out this Hmong arts organization that’s creating a critical mass of Hmong writers and artists:

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