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YouTube Subtitles


Subyo lets you create subtitles for any YouTube video, and search for subtitled videos. It seems similar to dotSub, which Scott McLeod recently reminded about, though dotSub, I believe, doesn’t limit itself to YouTube videos. 

Of course, the fact that most School Districts block YouTube diminishes the potential educational use of these sites.  I haven’t really explored either one of these applications, and I’d be interested in hearing from people who have.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Larry,

    I have and it takes a looooong time. But worth it if you will use it a lot or it is VIP. Anyone wanting to do this should expect no quick deal. Unfortunately subtitling is one of the least appreciated but most useful things in our field. The people who do this, do it for such little money and pain staking hours of work….

    Unfortunately (yet) there is no easy way. I tried dotsub and liked the multilanguage/sharing aspect but found it really clunky, lengthy process. I use mostly Windows Movie Maker and use the tickertape add in option (you can find info. on this from the WMM forum. You simply download and then install in the WMM folder in your programs directory, the correct subtitle add in).

    I use the tickertape because it seems most natural for viewing and can be done quickly. You can put in a lot of text and then just stretch/time it. Here is an example of the hundreds I’ve done to support language learners.

    This one, I copied and pasted the whole lyrics and then just took a second to time the ticker tape…

    If youtube is blocked, simply create your own player and deposit them there. We have hundreds in our A/V player at EFL Classroom 2.0. A good workaround to create your own library.


  2. Have you heard of Babel (

    Unlike Subyo or dotSub, ANYONE can add subtitles directly on top of a YouTube video. There’s no need to upload anything. You can also place a request for subtitles if a particular video doesn’t have subtitles in your language. They will notify you when they’ve been created.

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