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The Best Websites To Learn About Veterans Day


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This is a very late, and limited, “The Best…” list for holiday in the United States, Veterans Day (recognized as Remembrance Day or Armistice Day in Great Britain and in other countries to specifically remember those who fought in World War ).

If people can’t use it now, at least you’ll have it for next year. By then, I’ll have added additional resources, too.

Here are my picks for The Best Websites For Veterans Day (of course, these are sites that are accessible to English Language Learners):

Fact Monster has a number of resources about Veterans Day.

As usual, The History Channel has a fantastic site on Veterans Day.

EL Civics has a good Veterans Day Lesson.

MSNBC has a Picture Story.

Here are a series of images from Slate titled Veterans’ Honor.

The Wall Street Journal has a similar slideshow.

Here’s a slideshow about a Veterans Day Parade in Houston.

The BBC has a slideshow showing the ceremonies in that country.

The New York Times has a slideshow on how service dogs are helping wounded veterans in their healing and rehabilitation process and another slideshow covering events during Veterans Day this year.

The Seattle Times
has another Veterans Day slideshow.

The San Jose Mercury News has a slideshow on a local Veterans Day Parade.

ESL Holiday Lessons has a nice lesson on the day.

Students can send a Veterans Day eCard and post the link on a teacher or student website.  Blue Mountain or American Greetings are the best since they seem to host the sent cards, and their messages, indefinitely.

America honors its veterans is a slideshow from MSNBC. Here’s a video from MSNBC, too.

War Remembrance Day Around the World
is a slideshow from ABC.

Remembering War’s Costs, Around the Globe
is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

The New York Times has a slideshow about a Veterans Day Parade.

Armistice Day Remembrances
is a series of photos from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

Remembering Veterans Who Have No One is a CNN video.

Obama Pays Tribute to Veterans is a video from ABC News.

Pelosi Breaks Ground on Disabled Vets Memorial is another video from ABC News.

The Veterans Administration has a Teacher Resource Guide (Thanks to Julie Mushing for the tip).

UK observes Armistice Day silence is a video from the BBC.

Honoring The Honored Dead is a slideshow from The Washington Post.

Remembrance Day In Pictures is from The Guardian.

Veterans Day 2010 is a slideshow from The Christian Science Monitor.

Obama’s Veterans Day Visit to Arlington is a video from TIME.

Obama Honors Soldiers is a video from MSNBC.

Veterans Day in Southern California is a slideshow from the Los Angeles Times.

Veterans Day Observed is a Wall Street Journal slideshow.

Veterans Honored And Remembered is a series of photos from The Sacramento Bee.

Veterans Day 2010 is from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

In pictures: Armistice Day around the world is from The BBC.

The National World War II Museum has set-up a neat website where people can thank veterans. You can read more about it here.

MSNBC has a collection of Veterans Day editorial cartoons.

Mission Accomplishment: Exploring Veterans’ Challenges and Achievements is the title of a lesson plan from The New York Times Learning Network.

LIFE has posted a special Veterans Day photo gallery.

CNN has a ton of Veterans Day-related videos.

Veterans Day Observed is a Wall Street Journal slideshow.

Armistice Day is an historical slideshow from The Los Angeles Times.

Through The Lens: Seeing Veterans Up Close is a photo gallery from NPR.

Faces of World War II is a slideshow from CNN.

Marking Veterans Day at Arlington National Cemetery is a photo gallery from MSNBC.

The Bonus Army: How A Protest Led To The GI Bill is from NPR.

Remembrance Sunday in pictures is from The Telegraph.

Armistice Day: The UK remembers its fallen is a slideshow from The BBC.

A Snapshot of Our Nation's Veterans infographic image [Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Infographic is from The History Channel.

Veterans Day Facts is an interactive from WPRI.

Classic and historic portraits of war is from CNN.

Veterans Day: Reflecting on the Cost of War is a TIME slideshow.

Veterans Day 2012 is a photo gallery from The Sacramento Bee.

Remembrance Day: The 10 greatest paintings of war is from The BBC.

Why Do We Celebrate Poppy Day is from English With A Twist.

America’s veterans: Who they are is from The Washington Post.

Why Veterans Day is on Nov. 11 is from The Washington Post.

Veterans Day: Resources To Embrace, Engage, And Educate is from The ASIDE blog.

Veterans Day: Mission to Heal is from The L.A. Times.

I hope this list is helpful, even if it’s just appearing on the holiday itself…

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


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  2. Great list. Thanks.
    I have included one of my favourite Remembrance Day videos from Canada for your list A Pittance of Time

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