This is going to be a short and sweet “The Best…” list.

Thanks to Sue Waters’ post at The Edublogger (and you should really go there directly to read it and see her example) I’ve learned about a very, very simple way to create a graph with the unfortunate name Crappy Graph. She learned about it from Steve Dembo.

You can make an online graph there in seconds.

Both places let you create graphs for free and will host it for you if you want.

Sue’s post and the comments talk about some good ideas on how to use these graphs, too.

Online Chart Tool is the newest addition to this list.  It’s not quite as easy as the first two, but it seems to come fairly close.

Chartle is a new online tool to easily and quickly make charts, graphs and maps.  It’s slightly more complicated than some of the other applications here,  but still worth adding to the list.

Chart Go is another new site that lets you easily make…charts.

Kids Zone is another good site for making charts and graphs.

Pie Color is an easy place to make pie charts that you can embed.

Chart Chooser is pretty cool. It shows you different types of charts — categorizing them in which are best for showing what kind of data — and then you can upload your data into them.

DIY Charts seems like an easy place to create…charts.

ClassTools’ Venn Diagram tool is the easiest and best tool I’ve seen anywhere on the Web to create two or three circle diagrams.

I’ve been wondering for awhile if I could ever find an online application to make graphs that I could actually understand how to use. Hohli and Chart Tool are two I’ve tried, but just couldn’t figure them out.

“Quartz” Creates Search Engine For Charts & Lets You Create Your Own

You can quickly and easily create online bar charts with Chartico.