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The Best Sites For Learning About Pearl Harbor


'Pearl Harbor commemorates Dec. 7, 1941.' photo (c) 2012, Official U.S. Navy Page - license:

With Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day coming up tomorrow, December 7th, I thought I’d put together a quick “The Best…” list of useful resources.  I know it’s a bit late, but at least you can use it for planning next year.

Here are my picks, not in order of preference, of The Best Sites For Learning About Pearl Harbor (and that are accessible to English Language Learners):

EL Civics has A Pearl Harbor Day Lesson, including online resources and reproducible hand-outs.

Holt, Rinehart & Winston have a Pearl Harbor Interactive.

Scholastic has another interactive on the Pearl Harbor attack.

Learn About Pearl Harbor comes from Pearson.

The National Park Service has many good photos of the Arizona Memorial and ones that were taken on the day of the attack.

How Stuff Works has a series of online videos about Pearl Harbor and its aftermath.

You can find the transcript and audio, along with images, of President Roosevelt’s “Infamy” speech at the History Place.

Here’s an interactive tour of the U.S.S. Arizona memorial.

“The Attack On Pearl Harbor” is the title of a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

MSNBC has an interactive with audio about Pearl Harbor.

Glencoe has some online clozes (fill-in-the-blanks) on Pearl Harbor.

Pearl Harbor, 69 years ago today is a series of photos from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

World War II: Pearl Harbor is a photo gallery from The Atlantic.

Here’s a short video from The History Channel.

A date which will live in infamy is a Los Angeles Times slideshow.

TIME has published a slideshow on Pearl Harbor.

The New York Times Learning Network has a useful lesson plan.

National Geographic has great related resources.

Pearl Harbor 70th anniversary is a photo gallery from The Boston Globe.

Pearl Harbor commemorations – in pictures is from The Guardian.

Here’s an original newsreel about the attack:

Amazing images that show America’s steely resolve in bitter aftermath of Pearl Harbor is from The Mail Online.

PEARL HARBOR’S CHILDREN is from the Associated Press.

Here’s a map with links to stories from Pearl Harbor survivors.

Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary is a photo gallery from The Boston Globe.

US and Japan reinforce ‘alliance of hope’ as leaders meet at Pearl Harbor is from The Guardian.

As always, feedback is welcome.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. The National Park Service has many good photos of the Arizona Memorial and ones that were taken on the day of the attack.

    it seems like this link is broken…

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  4. that ssssooooooooooo sad:( im doing a project on pearl harbor and the video was a key resource and it halped a understand the bombing and the footage was awesome thanks:)!

  5. EDSITEment has two curriculum units relating to Pearl Harbor

    The Road to Pearl Harbor U.S. and East Asia, 1915 -194
    Lesson 1: The Growth of U.S.–Japanese Hostility, 1915–1932
    Lesson 2: America and the Sino-Japanese Conflict, 1933–1939
    Lesson 3: Japan’s “Southern Advance” and the March toward War, 1940–1941
    Lesson 4: The Failure of Diplomacy, September–December 1941

    The United States in World War II: “The Proper Application of Overwhelming Force”
    Lesson 1: Turning the Tide in the Pacific, 1941–1943

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