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The Best Sites To Learn About Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo


While I’m gone from the classroom for a couple of days next week, students will be doing a  project on the artist Diego Rivera.  This morning I tooka few minutes to pull together a quick “The Best…” list for them to review today as an introduction to his life. They’ll go through these sites while we’re in the computer lab later today.

Here are my picks for The Best Sites To Learn About Diego Rivera (and are accessible to English Language Learners):

This link brings you to a very simple and very accessible short biography. In addition, the same site has many lessons about Rivera that can be downloaded.

Here’s a slideshow from the New York Times recognizing the fiftieth anniversary of Rivera’s death

Here’s another slideshow — this time showing works by both Rivera and Frida Kahlo.

One more slideshow of his works.

A short biography of Rivera from Fact Monster.

Another biography (that’s probably less accessible to ELL’s) that includes some self-portraits.

A Gallery of paintings by the artist

A Gallery of Murals by Rivera.

Works of art by Frida Kahlo, the gifted artist who was married to Rivera.

The Museum Of Modern Art has an amazing interactive on Diego Rivera murals.

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo: Two Fascinating Exhibits Celebrate The Mexican Artist is from NBC News.

Here’s a great cartoon about Frida Kahlo

As always, feedback is welcome.

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