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The Best Collections Of Web 2.0 Tools For Education


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After reading Kevin Jarrett’s post this morning about an incredible resource of Web 2.0 tools for education, I was inspired to put together a quick “The Best…” list of similar collections.

It’s a relatively short list, and I’m sure there are other sites out there. Please feel free to share them in the comments section.

In order to make it on this list, the criteria was pretty simple — it offers and easily navigable collection of Web 2.0 tools for education in a way accessible to non-tech-savvy teachers.

Here are my picks for The Best Collections Of Web 2.0 Tools For Education:

Ideas To Inspire is the site Kevin wrote about today. It’s an incredible site, and it’s worth reading Kevin’s post to get some background on it.

Web Tools 4 U To Use is a “wiki for school library media specialists to learn about cool new web tools, see how they can be used in school library media programs, and share ideas & success stories.”

Web 2.0: Cool Tools For School

E Tool Box is “is intended as a virtual eToolBox of resources for integrating technology into the classroom. It is chocked-full of resources, how-tos, use in classroom, examples and more.”

Alan Levine at CogDogBlog has developed a nice page of online storytelling resources.  He tells the same story about his dog using many of the tools.  Looking at the many versions really gives you an excellent idea of the differences between the applications.

Digital Research Tools

New Tools Workshop

Perk Up Your Projects With Web 2.0 is a wiki filled with resources and tutorials.

The Connected Classroom

Web 2.0 Resources For 21st Century Instruction

INSITE is a very nice collection of Web 2.0 tools for education. David Eisert, who was kind enough to leave a comment about it, describes it this way:”Students have actually reviewed all of these technologies and created lesson plans to go along with each tool. We are in the process of creating a searchable user interface and allowing outside contributors.”

DE Tools Of The Trade is another good collection of Web 2.0 tools to use in education.

David Kapuler has just put together an extraordinary wiki titled Web 2.0/21st Century Tools Wiki.

Richard Byrne has developed a nice collection of his favorite Web 2.0 tools.

Joyce Valenza and Kristen Swanson have created a “New Tools Guide” highlighting many Web 2.0 applications.

Edublogs has created a site and effort called Teacher Challenge. It has a ton of resources, including tutorials and lesson ideas on using twenty-one (the number is growing) Web 2.0 tools.

Kathy Schrock also maintains an excellent list.

The Three Tech Ninjas have a nice collection of Web 2.0 tools and tutorials.

And, of course, last but not least, I highlight hundreds of what I consider to be the best Web 2.0 tools for schools and how to use them in many of over 200 “The Best…” lists. Scroll down to the Web 2.0 category. You can also see additional links and examples on my website under Examples of Student Work.

As I mentioned earlier in this post, please feel free to contribute additional collections.  I’m sure I’ve missed some excellent ones.

If you found this post useful, you might want to look at all the previous “The Best…” lists and also consider subscribing to this blog for free.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


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  2. Thanks Larry for this very interesting list. I keep a wiki for our college and try to add interesting Web 2.0 links to the Teachers’ page:
    I just added you post to inspire teachers down under.

  3. Thanks Larry, I have watch your site for updates using Google Reader and enjoy your lists.

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  5. Here is a link to a number of resources Students have actually reviewed all of these technologies and created lesson plans to go along with each tool. We are in the process of creating a searchable user interface and allowing outside contributors.

  6. Terrific list for teachers!! belongs on this list somewhere (although I’m not quite sure where).

    VolunteerSpot is a free online signup and scheduling tool that saves teachers sooo much time coordinating parents for conferences and classroom volunteering, organizing Service-Learning projects, and scheduling test proctors.

    We replace clipboard signup sheets, reply-all email and spreadsheet juggling with a free and simple calendar signup tool. The teacher sets the schedule of needs, parents choose their spots with a few clicks (over several days or weeks), and VolunteerSpot sends automated reminders to help everyone keep their commitments.

    Please take a look and share us with your teachers!

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  8. I think the list you have put together so far is great. It’s missing a solution to help teachers organize their daily lesson plans and make sure they are consistently aligning what they teach to their state standards (something the administration consistently requires). BrainHoney is a brand new ed tech product that was built to help teachers do this easily by simply selecting their state and school etc. It has a database full of the state standards.

    BrainHoney combines ALL the critical elements of an online gradebook, state-standards alignment, curriculum mapping, formative assessment and learning management into a single teacher-friendly platform.

    It allows teachers to track each individual child’s success and issues so they can be proactive about paying special attention to a member of their classroom who may not be grasping a particular concept.

    It’s 100% free for teachers to use because the company actually cares about helping the education community and improving the system itself!

  9. these are great lists! thanks, Larry! i’ll add them to my wiki! presenting tomorrow to my county what i learned at NECC and the ongoing PLN and resources found on Twitter have helped a LOT!

  10. Larry,
    This is a great list and as usual your blog proves to be a real resource for educators everywhere! I would just add one more resource to it. is a place where teachers have the ability to really connect with people in all aspects of the education field. From our microgrants helping teachers achieve their project based goals, to teachers finding teachers helping teachers expand their PLNs, to the Knowledge Marketplace where teachers can review which products they like to use, to our WAT foundation giving back to teachers we are helping teachers achieve their goals. We’d love for you to share this with your readers!

  11. is a great resource for students. It allows them to draw, animate and collaborate on projects. We see it used in many different subjects. Obviously Computer Science, but we have also seen it used for English book reports and Science concepts done on the site. Just a great way for kids to learn and share and be creative.

  12. Great job Larry. I also like as he has a tremendous amount of resources on his site. In addition I have a web page at that includes a Web 2.0 portal that contains a lot of these sites as well. Thanks again!

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  14. Just tried
    It’s just a different presentar tool but it definitely has a wow factor.

  15. Larry, my students at the university of Puerto Rico and I thank you for all we have learned from you. Gracias

  16. Larry,

    I have a focused for ELT list and my own tutorials at Plus find in the sidebar what I consider some of the best other references for Web 2.0 tools.

    Just wanted to mention this as a resource for teachers.


  17. Thanks Larry for the Best List of Web tools that we can use. At this point I will take anything for our teachers as I am the Technology Coordinator at a small school in South Dakota that just recieved about a 9% budget cut from our State.

  18. Larry,

    I keep my categorized list of Web 2.0 tools updated on this Diigo page:


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  20. Thanks so much! I’m teaching a summer school class on Web 2.0 tools, so this will come in handy! 🙂

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