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The Best Earth Day Sites


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Check out my New York Times post, Ideas for English-Language Learners | Earth Day and the Environment.

Earth Day, a time to recognize and celebrate environmental awareness, is on April 22nd. I thought it might be useful to have a “The Best…” list for that day.

This list isn’t very long since a previous list, The Best Sites To Introduce Environmental Issues Into The Classroom, really has the best environmental-related resources.

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The Best Sites To Introduce Environmental Issues Into The Classroom

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In order to make this list, of course, sites had to accessible to English Language Learners.

Here are my picks for The Best Earth Day Sites (not in any order of preference):

The History Channel has a nice Earth Day feature.

Everyday Is Earth Day is a “talking story” from Starfall for Beginning English Language Learners.

ESL Holiday Lessons provides audio support for the text in its Earth Day Lesson. It includes this interactive sequencing activity.

The official Earth Day website has plenty of adaptable curriculum ideas for teachers.

Scholastic has an article describing the history of Earth Day.

A Colorful History of Earth Day is a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

Earth Day 2009 is a series of photos from the Boston Globe’s The Big Picture.

CBS News has a slideshow also sharing 2009 Earth Day images from different parts of the globe.

You can send Earth Day eCards (you can post links to them on a teacher or student website) from  Blue Mountain.

Teaching Tolerance is on The Best Places To Find Free (And Good) Lesson Plans On The Internet list, and they just came out with two good lesson plans for Earth Day.  Both are related to environmental racism — the fact that low-income communities often have more hazards and pollution than in places that are better — off.

The two lesson plans are:

What Is Environmental Justice

Analyzing Environmental Justice

CNN has several good videos and slideshows, including:

One billion expected to celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day Turns 40 is an article from Scholastic.

PBS has an Earth Day across America slideshow.

Ten Ways to ‘Go Green’ and Mark Earth Day comes from The New York Times Learning Network.

Timeline: 70 Years of Environmental Change is an interactive from The New York Times.

In Honor of Earth Day: The Earth From Above is a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

Earth Day 2010 is from the Big Picture.

Gearing up for Earth Day is a Washington Post slideshow.

Celebrating Earth Day across the world is another Washington Post slideshow.

Earth Day 2012 is a photo gallery from the Boston Globe.

Earth Day and All Days: 10 Ways to Learn About the Environment is from The New York Times Learning Network..

Images of Earth From Above is a photo gallery from The Atlantic.

Earth Day by the Numbers is from CNN.

Quote Of The Day: Lessons For Earth Day

Earth Day 2013: Lesson Plans, Reading Lists and Classroom Ideas is from Edutopia.

Five-Minute Film Festival: Earth Day is also from Edutopia.


Earth Day graphic produced by the Kars4Kids car donation program “Responsible vehicle recycling for future generations.

The Environment’s New Math: How to Look at Earth Day, by the Numbers is from The Atlantic.

ELL Ideas: Learning About the Environment is from Colorin Colorado.

Google has created a pretty need site called Nature’s Engineers.

Earth Day 2014: Lesson Plans, Reading Lists, and Classroom Ideas is from Edutopia.

Natural Heroes are a series of great public television films and educator resources.

Your Earth Day Guide to Saving the World is from The Atlantic.

Earth Day 2014 is a photo gallery from The Boston Globe.

Let’s Celebrate Earth Day with Some Gorgeous Photos from NASA is from The Atlantic.

Our Planetary Home is a nice infographic from GOOD.

Earth Day 45 is a photo gallery from The Atlantic.

Earth Day 2016 is from The Boston Globe.

80 beautiful photos from around the world on Earth Day is from USA Today.

Climate Education Week 2017 Toolkit

48 Environmental Victories Since the First Earth Day is from National Geographic.

As always, feedback is welcome.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. great list, and a date that I’ll never forget (my sons birthday!) tweeting and stumbling.

    • Mr. Ferlazzo,

      I really enjoyed reading the infroamtion on this site. I visited “Everyday is Earthday” and enjoyed it also. I will make sure I will use this wesite in the classroom when discussing earthday.

  2. Thank you for the great sites on Earth Day. My students are taking part in the Earth Day Groceries Project.

  3. Wow Larry ! You’ve done it again. I passed on the recent list you sent to the Tech Mentor listserv to the whole ESL Department at CCSF.

    Thanks, as always, for finding such great stuff and sharing it !!!


  4. Thanks for the list, I’ll be checking out some of these sites!

    I’ve posted an Earth Day Challenge on my blog, so if anyone is interested in joining, come on over and post your plans for celebrating Earth Day with your family! I have a toddler, but all ages are welcome!

  5. Thanks for another great tip, Larry! Came here, browsed for a couple of minutes, and produced a great post for my teen students: (2nd blog on the right-hand side).

    Thanks a million!!!!

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  9. I love Earth Day! I once had my four children (they were ages 8-16 at the time) clean up a section of a main street in our neighborhood. They were humiliated, but the street looked so nice after we were finished. SkylarKD’s challenge is full of wonderful ideas. Being a responsible citizen should start at a young age and can be incorporated in any classroom.
    Larry, thanks for all the great tips and ideas. I look forward to my e-mails!

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