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More Student-Created Resources On The Swine Flu


I posted yesterday about a few student-created multilingual resources on swine flu.

Today, we had more time to to spend on them, and I think they look pretty good. They’re simple, and share a few tips on preventative measures people can take. Students made copies to distribute to their family and friends.  My assumption is that people are more likely to want to read something created by those with whom they have a relationship.

Here they are:

Hmong/English by Hlee

Hmong/English by Tong

Hmong/English by Tae

English/Hmong by Ying

English/Hmong by Joua

English/Hmong by Pov yaj

English/Hmong by Pao

English/Hmong by Zang

Hmong/English by Kia

Hmong/English by Steve

Hmong/English by Mai Yia

Spanish/English by Daniel

English by Richard

English by Myriam

Spanish by Ericka

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. I saw your link on Twitter. Nice job students! I am impressed.

    Marian Olivas
    Los Angeles (UCLA)

  2. Hi Larry!
    Just want to say thanks for updating us about the Swine Flu.. I envy your ideas in blogging. Your blogs were such an information factory!

    Kindly update us more about the Swine flu.

  3. I was checking how to use this tool to convert documents into web pages. So, I checked your student’s work and I could see some mistakes in using Spanish properly, (BTW, I live in central Mexico)

    1. In Spanish it is not called “gripa”, the correct word for flu is “influenza” and this type is called “influenza A1HN1”. “gripa” is only a cold.

    2. The correct recommendation when you sneeze or cough is not to cover with your hand, but rather you have to cover your mouth with your arm, with the back part of your elbow. (sorry If I cannot explain myself any better)

    3. And finally, there is one work which was translated using some promgram… this work is in some parts difficult to undersatand in Spanish; the Spanish-only work is good.

    Thanks for sharing.

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