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The Best Online Videos Showing ESL/EFL Teachers In The Classroom


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There are not really that many online videos showing ESL/EFL teachers working with students in a classroom.  There are some, though, and I thought I’d put them together in another “The Best…” list.

I have a little reluctance about calling this a “The Best…” list, though, since I haven’t watched many of the videos, and can’t say for sure if I think they really show good instructional strategies. However, most come recommended by other blogger/teachers whose judgment I respect, so I decided to indeed use the word “Best.”

Here are my picks for The Best Online Videos Showing ESL/EFL Teachers In The Classroom:

Engaging Newcomers in Language and Content is a new series of videos from The Teaching Channel.

David Rosen recommends the videos that demonstrate teaching adults ESL at the Media Library of Teaching Skills for adult learning and literacy.

The Learning English Video Project

The New American Horizons Foundation has created The Adult ESL Training Video Project. They’re creating a series of training videos, Teaching ESL to Adults: Classroom Approaches in Action. Eight of the videos are now available to watch for free online.

TEFL Videos has over 100 short videos of actual lessons in the classroom with English Language Learners. You have to pay $95 for a year subscription to it, however. I can’t recommend paying for them, but they also have ten you can see for free. The two that I looked at seemed pretty decent, so the site is worth a look.

Watch and Learn is a series of four videos from Colorin Colorado. Here is how it describes the feature:

Funded by the American Federation of Teachers, Watch & Learn presents four video modules featuring strategies from secondary ELL classrooms and interviews with experts on ELL best practices.

Supporting English Language Learners, Grades 1 to 8 Video and Print Resources has a number of useful classroom videos.

The British Council has a video collection of ESL teachers in the classroom.

CLEAR at Michigan State University has just unveiled a great collection of language-teaching videos. You can read more about it here.

Video Series Playlist: English Language Learners is from The Teaching Channel and has an accompanying blog post.

Classroom Video Modules comes from Colorin Colorado.

The Common Core in Poughkeepsie, NY includes many videos of ELL teachers at work.

NEA Video Series Showcases Teaching Strategies for ELLs is from Learning The Language.

WIDA has a small collection of videos demonstrating ELL lessons in the classroom (thanks to reader Kristina for the tip).

Here’s a video showing teaching math to newcomers:


The Power of Collaboration for ELLs is a new video collection from The Teaching Channel.

I’m adding it to The Best Online Videos Showing ESL/EFL Teachers In The Classroom.

Suggestions and feedback, as always, are welcome.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hi Larry,

    Did you take a look at the ESOL and ESOL family literacy videos on ? While you’re there, also select the link at the bottom of the front page that leads to others’ videos. There are some great adult ed classroom ESOL videos there too.

    David J. Rosen

  2. I teach new immigrants, mostly Latinos. My course is not offficially ESL/EFL but the reality is that is what I do. I got to this site through a TESOL recommendation as I am trying to learn how to do my job better. One thing I came up with may be useful to others teaching Hispanics. I put together a resource that features the special problems that Spanish speakers have with English. It is a print book with access to a website containing sound files with exercises and practice of the grammar and pronunciation issues in the book. There is a little more detail about it at
    Although I hope this moves on Amazon to aid my retirement, I am not a very good businessman; I am more a teacher so teacher and community groups can contact me at and we can work on ways to get it to their students.

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  4. Great Post! I’d like to bring our videos to your attention as well: I’ll let you be the judge if they’re “the best” or not, but I think they are better than most of the videos out there. Feedback is welcomed! -Jason Klass

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  7. Harold Ramis in Stripes:

  8. Larry,

    Nice work with the videos. Most helpful to me as I develop an evaluation plan for LAUSD’s Master Plan for English Learners.



    p.s. Larry (Fondation, my spouse) sends his regards.

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