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What’s The Link Between Health & Education?

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The San Francisco Chronicle today reported on a study analyzing the connection between education levels and health.  Here’s a quote:

“The study, commissioned by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, focused on gaps in education and how that affects a person’s health condition. The report supports other research that shows factors such as income and education have as much or even more impact on a person’s health than access to medical services.”

The Foundation has an online calculator where you can actually get the specific data for any county in the United States.

It’s interesting, but I sometimes wonder about the amount of money spent on studies that come-up with conclusions that most of us had already figured out.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. It is a shame we have to work so hard to drive this point home, but promoting awareness of this issue is still of major importance. To some of us it seems so obvious. To others it is not even on their radar.

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