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The Best Sites To Learn About The Hubble Telescope


'Orion Nebula - new image from Hubble & Spitzer' photo (c) 2006, Marc Soller - license:

With the Space Shuttle taking off to make repairs to the Hubble Telescope, I thought I’d put together a quick “The Best…” list related to it.

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Here are The Best Sites To Learn About The Hubble Telescope (and are accessible to English Language Learners):

TIME Magazine has a slideshow giving A Brief History of The Hubble Space Telescope.

NASA has an interactive showing the repairs that will be made to the telescope by Shuttle astronauts.

Here’s a presentation by the St. Petersburg Times on the repairs.

The New York Times also has a similar feature.

Here is a collection of amazing photos taken by the Hubble Telescope.

Snapshots From Hubble is a slideshow from The New York Times.

A View of the Edge of The Universe is a CNN slideshow of images taken by the Hubble.

Preparing to Rescue Hubble is from the Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

Hubble’s Highs and Lows is a slideshow from MSNBC.

2009: A Hubble Space Odyssey is a video from CBS News.

The CBBC Newsround has an accessible explanation of The Mission to Fix Telescope.

The Guardian has an audio slideshow on the mission to repair the Hubble.

Images From The Hubble Telescope is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

Hubble Repair Mission Underway
is a video from The Washington Post.

The Associated Press has an interactive feature on the Hubble.

USA Today also has an interactive feature.

I’ve just added a nice slideshow from the Wall Street Journal called Shuttle Atlantis Captures Hubble Space Telescope

The Boston Globe has a video of the first space walk done to make repairs to the Hubble.

The Wall Street Journal has a video and a slideshow on that same spacewalk.

The Washington Post has a slideshow on the mission to repair the telescope.

Repair Mission To Hubble Space Telescope is a series of photos at the Sacramento Bee.

Here’s a video from The Sydney Morning Herald showing the second spacewalk to make Hubble repairs.

The Wall Street Journal has a video of the fourth spacewalk done to repair the telescope.

Hubble’s Final Services Mission
comes from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

The Final Human Touch To Hubble is a series of photos from The Sacramento Bee.

The Washington Post has a slideshow on the spacewalks.

Hubble telescope’s latest images is a series of photos published by the Sacramento Bee.

The Wall Street Journal published a similar slideshow.

The Universe, In High Definition is a slideshow from The New York Times.

April, 2010 is the twentieth anniversary of the Hubble Telescope.

According to The Telegraph:

to mark the observatory’s 20th anniversary, scientists at Nasa have selected the most dramatic and scientifically-important images it has taken.

You can see a slideshow of them at The Telegraph’s article, “Images mark 20 years of Hubble telescope.”

“The Hubble Telescope’s Greatest Hits” is a slideshow from TIME Magazine.

Hubble: The Man and His Telescope is the title of a slideshow from LIFE on the life of astronomer Edwin Powell Hubble. The Hubble Telescope is named after him.

Hubble: Window on the Universe is an audio slideshow from The Guardian.

The BBC has article, infographic and video on the upcoming replacement to the Hubble Telescope, called the James Webb Space Telescope.

Hubble’s Hidden Treasures is from The Atlantic.

“Hubble captures extraordinary view of Universe”

Deep-Space Photos: Hubble’s Greatest Hits is from TIME Magazine.

Celebrate Hubble’s 24th With Giant Galaxies, Dying Stars and Cosmic Chaos is from National Geographic.

April 25th, 2015 is the 25th anniversary of the Hubble Telescope.

25 Years of Cosmic Treasures: Hubble’s 12½ Greatest Hits is from Slate.

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