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Brilliant Use Of The Web For Language Teaching!

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Carla Arena and Ronaldo Lima, Jr., EFL teachers in Brazil who have participated in our International Sister Classes Project, are having their students use the web to help refine their English skills and to help others learn some Portuguese words. I hope you’ll help them.

They are using VoiceThread to have students explain and demonstrate — in English — different Portuguese words.  They are then inviting visitors to repeat those words on the VoiceThread, and then promise to provide subsequent feedback to speakers — again on the VoiceThread (thought that kind of feedback might be problematic if they get a lot of people participating).

Go to the Portuguese Challenge and try it out. This is a great idea that any language class can do, too.

Anybody can listen to it.  If you want to record, though, you have to have previously registered with VoiceThread, or register then (it’s free).

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. Hi Larry… actually my English is not well, I am trying hard to understands all English post in site I visit in.. and at first time I read your site, I am very are very concern about education and your post is very informative..

    about this post.. I thought it is a great idea for teaching or learning other language…

    regards, Sovi.

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