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The Best Teacher Resources For “Foldables”


“Foldables” are basically 3 D graphic organizers. Graphic organizers are great tools to help English Language Learners (and all students) categorize content in a way to make it more accessible to them (you might also want to check-out Not “The Best,” But “A List” Of Mindmapping, Flow Chart Tools, & Graphic Organizers).

I’ve found them particularly helpful in Social Studies classes, but they’re useful in all subjects.  “One-dimensional” graphic organizers are equally useful.  Foldables, though, generally provide space for more content and are also good for a change-of-pace.

Here are my choices for The Best Teacher Resources For “Foldables”:

ELL Classroom has several blog posts describing their use of foldables with English Language Learners.

Here’s a simple Slideshare presentation that describes the use of foldables.

Teacher Melinda Sprinkle has a blog focused on using foldables in the classroom.

Susan Kapusinsky’s “Making Books” has some great foldable instructions, and here’s a video titled “How to Make an Instant Book.”

Foldables and Notebookables is from “TeachFine.”

Here’s a series of useful slides on Foldables.

Foldables in Science

Foldables collection.

Foldable Instructions


Video: Simple Instructions For Making A Mini-Book

Suggestions and feedback, as always, are welcome.

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  1. I love foldables! I currently have 2 books by Dinah Zikes. They are great useful resources. I have “The Big Book of Activities” ( and “The Big Book of Science” ( I recommend just getting the former because most of it is repeated in the science version. More manipulatives and foldables resources can be purchased at her website, (

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  4. I have been working on a Foldable blog for some time. I do have several photos of Foldables and ideas as well as links and other information-all about Foldables. Please leave a comment if you like what you see.

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  6. Hi Larry
    We love your blog! We have 2 new Foldable resources we hope you find useful.

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