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Swyzzle Is Intriguing


Swyzzle is a new slideshow application (or, at least, kind of a slideshow application) that’s seems to primarily be designed as a marketing tool to help people make money, but might have some potential in the classroom.

Generally, I think the tools on The Best Ways To Create Online Slideshows are better.  However, Swyzzle might make it easier for students to create slideshows about the books they’ve read.

Users can quickly type in the name of a book and and have the cover immediately turned into a slide.  You can also easily type in text about it.  Unfortunately, you can only include audio if you upload your own instead of directly recording on the site itself. And, it doesn’t have the ability to have comments left.

If, however, they add those two functions, this might be an excellent edtech tool.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Hello, Larry,

    Thanks for checking out our site. We hope you will keep an eye on us because the site it constantly being improved. We do plan to have a commenting feature in the near future! Recording audio through the site is a good idea and we will put it on our future enhancements list.

    Laurie Hall
    VP, Products
    Twitter: lauriehall
    Twitter: swyzzle

  2. I don’t like it – colors and design look shallow, the shows have a very amateurish feel, and – as you have stated elsewhere – Animoto is so much cooler… — Downloading cover images from Amazon or elsewhere is not that demanding, and the commercial concept puts me (and possibly some parents) off a bit… thanks for the tip anyway!

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