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The Best Twitterers For Sharing Resource Links


This is a companion “The Best…” list to The Best blogs for sharing resource links.

I developed this list by first going to Tweet Stats, typing in my Twitter user name (larryferlazzo) and then clicked on “Tweet Cloud.” Within that cloud I was able to see the Twitter user names of those whom I had “retweeted” (forwarded) the most. Since I generally only retweet education-related links, I’m including all the Twitter users in this list who appeared in my “cloud.”

There’s probably a tool out there that provides a better way to determine who one retweets the most, but this will do for now.

The cloud indicates how many times you’ve retweeted that person, but I didn’t have time to list them in that order here.

Of course, there are zillions of people I don’t “follow” on Twitter, so you might want to take “The Best…” label with “a grain of salt.”

Here are my choices for The Best Twitterers For Sharing Resource LInks:

Alice Mercer

Jim Burke (englishcomp)

Jackie Gerstein

Karenne Sylvester (kalinagoenglish)

K.D. Washburn

Nancy Devine

Nik Peachey

Shonah Kennedy (MissShonah)

Russel Tarr

Shelly Terrell

A Wooldridge (storytellin)

Diana Dell

Kevin Hodgson (dogtrax)

Burcu Akyol

Here are a few more whom I’m surprised are not in my “tweet cloud:”

Kelly Hines

Suzanne Whisler

Angela Maiers

Richard Byrne

I’ve checked my “cloud” again and here are new additions:

English Raven (Jason Renshaw)

web20classroom (Steven Anderson)


Tom Whitby

plugusin (Bill Ferriter)

And here are few people new additions who I’m sure will be on my next “cloud”:

russell1955 (Russell Stannard)

mazehr (Mary Ann Zehr)

middleweb (John Norton)

Clausvz (Claus von Zastrow)

CohenD (David Cohen)

Stacy Bodin


kjarrett (Kevin Jarrett)

mcleod (Scott McLeod)


missiontolearn (Jeff Cobb)

jodylo (Jody Oliver)

mtechman (Melissa Techman)


teacherken (Kenneth Bernstein)

NMHS_Principal (Eric Sheninger)

dkapuler (David Kapuler)


steelepierce (M.E. Steele-Pierce)


dogtrax (Kevin Hodgson)


ktenkely (Kelly Tenkely)




TeachaKidd (Lee Kolbert)


Check-out all the other great suggestions left in the comments section and add some more!

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Dear Larry,

    Thanks a lot for including me in your list. It is a great pleasure for me to meet great people and share useful links and resources on Twitter.

    Thank you for your fabulous blog posts as well!

    All the best,


  2. Hi Larry,
    I was genuinely surprised to be in your tag cloud and feel very honoured to be on your list. Twitter has been such a great educational tool and the people I meet and interact with on there continually delight, surprise and teach.
    Thank you for your insightful tweets and very readable blog 🙂

  3. Cool idea to do it in a cloud ;-), thank you too for including me!


  4. Hi Larry,
    Great list. Some names on there that I wasn’t following. My name probably didn’t appear in your cloud because I haven’t been on Twitter as much this summer (working on three projects in addition to the blog) as I am during the school year.

  5. Good Morning!

    I would also highly recommend Steven Anderson, @web20classroom. He can always be counted on to share several awesome links every day! His blog, is also one to not miss!

    Karen McMillan

  6. Larry
    I promise to work harder on my Twittering.


  7. Karen,

    Coincidentally, I just started following him yesterday. Let me read his tweets for a few days and I suspect I’ll be agreeing with you and add him to the list.


  8. Larry
    I promise to work harder on my Twitters.


  9. Maryna,

    I’m sure you’ll be in a next “Addtions to The Best lists” post — both for your tweets and your great site!


  10. Larry, Thank you for creating this list. I now have more people to follow, which is a good thing. BTW, I noticed a theme – ESL, ELL, etc. Could it be that you follow a theme too? Thanks for the hard work and sharing it with all of us!

  11. Check out @billso & @abegruber in Hawaii, too. They post some great EDU tweets.

  12. I recommend a colleague who posts resources regularly:

  13. Great post & resource to start building your PLN! after blocking so many “get rich on twitter” and “see my sexy pics” people it’s great to be able to stal…i mean follow…some like minded ed tech peeps! hope you don’t mind if i re-blog this with full creds!

    Re: Twitter: i had 1 account for years for my Second Life & Ed Tech friends but was inspired by the #NECC09 backchannel to become finally transparent and create a tech one under my RL name ….moving some of my followers over has been a challenge! [grins] maintaining 2 twitters accounts is interesting but makes sense…some even have diff accounts per conference …or just a conference account to keep all resources and “session notes” in one place. interesting but exhausting to me!
    and for my SL peeps

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  15. Larry,

    Thank you so much for all of YOUR tweets. I read them daily, and I gain so many resources from them. This blog post was very helpful in finding new twitterers to follow, and I am writing to ask you permission to link to this post in a presentation that a colleague and I are giving next week. We of course will properly credit you on our presentation wiki.


  16. Thanks for the list Larry. I’m teaching a bunch of university, high school and professional courses this semester …. so been too busy to breathe life into my blog. But, I will be on your list next year, I am sure of it .. hehehehe! Thanks again for the great resources.

    Frank Stonehouse
    The Divergent Learner
    ITESM, Mexico.

  17. Honoured to have made your list, Larry!

    I don’t need to do any Tweet clouds to know you’re one of the people I re-tweet the most, but thanks for the tip as I intend to use it to find out about the other great resource providers I re-tweet.

    Keep up the great work!

    ~ Jason

  18. I suggest giving Orli Yakuel a look. Go2web20 Co-Founder & Web Consultant. Here’s a link to her blog.

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  20. Thanks, Larry, for organising this valuable information. I’m glad to find most members of my PLN in your lists. I’d like to add @esolcourses (Sue Lyon-Jones) as one fo the best Twitterers to share resources. (


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