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(This is a repeat of a blog post that appeared earlier in the summer.  I just thought that with the school year rapidly approaching — and, for some, already here — it might be worth posting again)

As regular readers know, this past school year I taught two U.S. History classes to English Language Learners — one in a regular classroom and the other in the computer lab. You can read more about the results of this research experiment at Results From My Year-Long U.S. History Tech Experiment.

I used a blog during the computer lab class. You can access the United States History Class blog and see an entire year’s of lessons designed for student self-access. You can also see links to the students blogs used during the course. The lessons include quite a bit of original material I developed for use in both of the classes, and they are available for download (during the year students would open up the documents and cut-and-paste the exercises into their own blogs).

You’re obviously welcome to use the resources there with your students. I just ask that you not publish or reprint any of my original materials for use other than by your students.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. If you are looking for other interesting and approachable sites on US history – either for your own research or as a teaching aid, I would definitely recommend Shmoop. It’s a comprehensive site on all eras of US history and is full of facts, figures, trivia and in-depth references. For students, there are invaluable tips on how to approach various topics and a handy guide to writing essays and papers as well. Check it out for yourself.

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