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The Best Sites For Students To Record Audio By Phone


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Though I’ve made some updates here, you probably also want to check out The Best Sites For Beginning iPhone Users Like Me.

There are a number of excellent sites that English Language Learners can use to practice their English, and you can find many of them at The Best Sites To Practice Speaking English.

Most of them, however, require using a microphone, which is fine for when we’re in the computer lab at school, and fine for the minority of my students who have Internet access at home, but not very helpful for those without that kind of access. That makes using the computer for speaking homework not really an option.

There are other apps, like Google Voice, that allow people to record audio by phone, but require some work by the teacher to post the audio on the web (admittedly, not much work, but I’m always looking for ways to reduce my workload, not increase it :))

So I decided to create another “The Best…” list, and this time focus on free applications that would allow students to use a phone to record audio directly to the web — without me having to be an intermediary. I was looking for sites that would allow me to just listen and leave comments, but not require me to actually post it.  It would serve as an “audio journal” for students.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Students To Record Audio By Phone:

(Several that I had listed when I originally posted have gone out of business)

Tumblr Now Lets You Dial A Toll-Free Number To Post Audio To Your Blog is a TechCrunch post.

I just learned about ipadio from Cliff Mims today.


Please let me know if you have other suggestions.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. For iPhone users, I like Audio Boo:

    It’s basically an audio blog. It’s very easy to create and post your “boos”. It does geotagging, showing a map of where each boo was created. You can take a photo with your iPhone and attach it to your boo when you post. They currently have an embed code for easy copy/paste embedding in an existing website or blog, it works with Facebook Connect, so you can automatically post your boos to Facebook, and they’re working on a WordPress widget that will make full-scale blogging even easier.

  2. I don’t know about Utterli this is the first one I saw on the page:

    1 View
    DavidDettmann’s Utter

    RT: @BiGirlNetCams Saumi Pitty and frendly asain girl with green eyes I can b anyway u like! I can b soft or b hard!

  3. I wonder if you or any of your readers have done much with the audio recording features on ? It’s on my list of things to investigate… appears that it gives you almost like a voicemail box and different people can call, leave a message and it becomes part of your drop. Again, haven’t investigated it but looks promising.

  4. I use the voice recorder on my phone. It saves audio as mp4s. then I email to Posterous. Posterous embeds the audio in a player. also does something similar

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