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WebKruz Search Engine


WebKruz Search Engine is a pretty nifty new search engine. After submitting your query, it shows large images of each webpage that comes-up in the results, and will automatically scroll through them in a speed you choose.

In addition — and this is a feature I really like — it will show you results in related categories at the same time.

Both of these elements make it very useful to English Language Learners.

The only negative is that they also have an obnoxiously large advertisement on their main page.

I’m adding it to Search Engines on my website.

Thanks to Alt Search Engines for the tip.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. I like the idea of this website, but I much prefer the way MiddleSpot achieves broadly the same goals. The ability to zoom in and out of thumbnails on MiddleSpot is great, as it the workpad feature.

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  3. you should note that clicking on the magnifying glass on the thumbnail at WebKruz will bring up a larger image, and provide you with the ability to manually scroll through all sites within that category.

  4. Hi Larry: I did check it out. It’s a bit slow overall and had some problems with metacognitive teaching…anyway check out…It is very cool with the 3D effects which allows you to view page before you click. I saved alot of time with my research with

    My EFL /ESL students really liked it to. I still teach my “How to use Google option features including new translations in Google docs. They are very excited about the Thai translation. It really opens the world up a bit.

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