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Great New Website From The BBC For Math, English & Science


The BBC has just announced a new website in their exceptional “Bitesize” series. This one is called KS3 Bitesize.

It includes activities for Math, English and Science.  What makes it truly exceptional — at least for English Language Learners — is that all the neat exercises listed as an “Activity” on the site not only are very engaging and informative, but have subtitles which make them more accessible to English Language Learners.

Various parts of this site are going to make it on a number of “The Best…” lists this year.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Larry

    I personally find a lot of the “beeb” resources on this site very useful on the couple of occassions Ive used them..

    a website to find video clips with subtitles to use in class also here-


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  3. As an English guy working for a Seattle Math Tutoring company I love the breadth and quality of the BBC’s resources. We make interactive math lessons that follow similar educational principles and design imperatives, albeit built into an intelligent tutoring engine. Some in the UK whine about the BBC being anti-competitive for small business, I think it just raises the bar.

    We don’t do ELL resources, though hundreds of parents have asked us to, but there’s some cross-over in our K,1 and 2 lessons which introduce math terminology, principles of word problems, number spelling, and the like. IMO a brain attuned to the structure of math number sentences is one well-placed to understand the effects of word order and basic grammar in English, though that might be a bit of a speculative stretch!
    Anyway, if you’ve not heard of us, do wander by.

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