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Job Voyager Is Very Cool!

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Job Voyager is a very cool intergraphic infographic that is certainly going to end up on one my year-end “The Best…” lists.

Fast Company describes it as:

…a nifty interactive graph that charts a stacked time series of reported occupations in the US from 1850 to 2000, normalized by percentage

That sentence, however, doesn’t begin to give it justice.

It’s worth checking out both the Fast Company article and the application itself.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. I love this site and so does one of my math teachers! She’s a cotton farmer and when we looked at the data for farmers we found that in 1850 40% of the population was involved in farming. No surprise there! Today only 4% of the population is farming! Her questions: How much land mass was involved in 1850 vs today? How many people were being fed in 1850 vs today? I also forwarded the site to my 8th grade social studies teachers who can use it with their US history classes.

    Thanks for a great site.

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