World Teachers’ Day, held annually on October 5th since 1994 – when it was created by UNESCO – celebrates teachers worldwide (in the United States, National Teacher Day is Tuesday in the first full week of May). Here are few quickly put together resources you might find useful/helpful:

UNESCO itself has a website on the day with links to many related resources.

Here’s some interesting data from The New York Times comparing class size and teacher pay in countries around the world.

ESL Holiday Lessons, one of many great sites developed by Sean Banville, has an excellent lesson on the day.

The National Education Association has many materials on the U.S. National Teacher Day.

There are two interesting videos on YouTube that trace the history of teachers over the past four hundred years:

The Evolution of Educators – Part 1 (1600-1900)

The Evolution of Educators – Part 2 (1900-Present)

I’m not embedding them here because I think it’s worth watching them at the YouTube site and seeing the surprising number of other videos related to the history of schools you’ll see on the side of the page.

You might also be interested in The Best Places To Learn About (And View Video Clips Of) Teachers In The Movies and The Best Quotes About Education — Contribute Your Own Favorites.

8 Teachers Who Changed History is a nice, short article.

Here is a list of “Teacher Days” celebrated on different dates in different countries.

“Teach!” is a slideshow from Slate showing educators from throughout the world.

Slate has a slideshow showing classrooms from throughout the world (Thanks to Eye On Education for the tip).

K – 12 America Since 1981 is a multimedia feature from Education Week.

Here’s an interactive timeline on the history of schooling and education.

ESL Holiday Lessons has a lesson plan for the day.

Source: obizmedia.com via NEA on Pinterest

National Teacher

Explore more infographics like this one on the web’s largest information design community – Visually.

National Teacher Day Is Coming-Up & Here Are Two Great Ways To Celebrate It On Social Media!

This next video is just the first one in a long YouTube playlist on Teachers Day:

The Anatomy of a Great Teacher
Source: Top Teaching Colleges

World Teachers’ Day
is from UNESCO.

Teachers around the world share their stories – interactive is from The Guardian.

Where Children Learn: Inside Classrooms Around the World is a great photo gallery from NBC News.

A Typical School Week Around The World

From Visually.

World Teacher Day


Yes, it’s a Kleenex ad, but you’ll still want to watch it:

Spotify Puts Teacher Appreciation Week to Music is from Ed Week.

UN Says 69 Million New Teachers Need To Be Recruited By 2030 – That’s A Lot Of Teachers!

Who are the world’s most valued teachers? is from CNN.

What 150 Years of Education Statistics Say About Schools Today is from Ed Week.

Video: “Fareed Zakaria: Teachers make other professions possible”

Century-Old Decisions That Impact Children Every Day is from NPR, and is an interesting history of education.

TED-Ed Launches A New Channel For Talks From Teachers


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