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The Best Places To Find Lyrics On The Web


Singing songs is a great way to help English Language Learners get past their understandable reluctance to speak in a new language, and a good vocabulary-building activity.  In addition, you can create clozes (fill-in-the-gaps) with the lyrics, use them to teach grammar, and have students use the real lyrics as models while they write their own.

It’s easy always been easy to find lyrics on the Internet, though often there are inaccuracies and so many lyrics sites have tons of annoying pop-up ads. I thought I’d create a “The Best…” list that shares places where there appear to be correct lyrics and no pop-ups.

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Here are my choices for The Best Places To Find Lyrics On The Web:

Lyrster is a search engine that appears to search only collections of lyrics to songs. Just type in a few words and your results show links to the complete lyrics.  It performed quite well in my tests. The sites it searches include some, but I don’t believe all, of the other sites on this list.

Lyrics Fly is one of the best sites out there for finding song lyrics. You can also use it to find music audio and videos, but I’m primarily interested in the lyrics. The Make Use Of blog calls it “lyric search on steroids.”

Lyrics On Call

Lyrics Mode

Just Lyrics

E Lyrics

Lyreach is a new site that helps you find the full lyrics to a song by just typing in a few of the words your remember.

Listen Music is a new web application that allows access to many, many songs. One nice feature is that you can also get the lyrics easily & quickly.

Batlyrics is a new site that looks like a great place to quickly and easily find song lyrics.

Instalyrics is a new site that shows you the lyrics to any song very, very quickly, along with a music video that goes along with it. The lay-out is very “clean” and it replaces Batlyrics as my favorite place for music videos and lyrics.

LyricsNMusic is a nice site that lets you easily search for lyrics and you can a very clean and accessible copy. It also finds music videos of the song. What I particularly like about it, though, is that is shows the lyrics at the top and the video at the bottom, so you can play the music and show the lyrics without students getting distracted by the video. Other sites show the lyrics right next to the video.

Google Starts Showing Song Lyrics In Search Results – Not As Good As It Sounds

I’d certainly be interested in hearing other suggestions, so please feel free to leave them in the comments section.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Larry,

    For Korean teachers who’d like translations of Korean songs or who’d like to send their students to check out translations of their fav. pop songs, is the place. I’ve gotten the help of the girls there and it is a full directory of many Korean songs translated into English…. Actually, with the Korean “wave”, lots of other countries now really interested in Korean artists too.

    Maybe others overseas could chime in with sites of a similar vein for their own countries, with song lyrics translated into English.


  2. Larry,
    Here you will find not only the lyrics but also the video:


  3. Check this

    if you are looking for a song lyrics for free you could find it through a database of over 4.000.000 song lyrics. The largest db on the web.

    Testidicanzone is a new made-in-Italy mashup (beta version) with cool features (video,infos) and official lyrics where the artists are paid for every single view of their lyrics.

    You could find a song by a sentence or by an artist name or a song title.

    A lot of new features will coming soon.

    Please let us know if you have any kind of suggestions about it.


  4. another great resource!
    – Home Page has convenient links to popular music sites (Pandora, LastFM, Billboard News etc..)
    – 90% of the lyric pages have a “similar songs” on the left side
    – Search just Wikipedia, Lyrics, Youtube, Images, Concert dates LastFM, or Images
    – No annoying pop-ups or talking banners
    – Visitors can correct lyrics or add new lyrics
    – Visitors can make comments via Facebook, Yahoo, AOL or Hotmail
    – 100% legal lyrics – Artist receive compensation
    – Indie Bands can upload their Lyrics and our platform will grab their Youtube, Wiki, Images etc. and present all the info on one page
    – Search lyrics by song title, artist name, or even words in a song
    – 100% free

  5. is collection of lyrics of popular songs that have been organized properly for easy search. Updated daily with latest lyrics of hit songs. Find the songs and lyrics of top artists, composers, lyricists, singers & albums.

  6. Here’s a link for Bob Dylan fans, (though you probably know it).
    click on any of his songs for the lyrics.
    AND they are guaranteed more accurate than any of the ‘top’ sites for lyrics.
    (I find myself having to do lots of editing work before handing out lyrics
    in my classes). is a good site for reading about the songs (and even
    finding alternative text) Worth registering one time.

  7. We have created a personal search engine for sites from this article.
    We hope this will be useful.

    The Best Places To Find Lyrics On The Web

  8. is the best lyrics website so far.

  9. Nice list! is a new site to look out for over the next year. It has thousands of lyrics, songs and more!

  10. Huge Collecton of Lyrics Best Website is

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