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Edublog Awards Winners


Winners of the Edublog Awards were announced today. A complete listing of all winners and runner-ups hasn’t been posted yet, but you can see a list of winners at Cathy Nelson’s blog. I’ll write as soon as a complete list is posted.

Though this blog didn’t “win,” it was a runner-up in three categories — Best Individual Blog, Best Resource Sharing Blog, and Lifetime Achievement — not bad at all, I think.

Thanks to everybody who nominated and voted for this blog and me! Congratulations to all the first place winners and nominees. And thanks to Sue Waters and Steve Hargadon for doing a great job hosting the awards ceremony.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Congrats Larry on 3 runner up places, not bad! I think everyone wins in these competitions anyway as it brings excellent use of learning technologies to an ever wider audience. I will certainly be checking out some of the nominees I am not familiar with. Thanks for your continued efforts and your great blog!

  2. Larry congrats on being such an accomplished blogger and getting nods from your peers–that is what the Edublog Awards are all about. Also thanks for directing folks to my blog today with your link. I’m now into my 4th year as a blogger, and I have NEVER had the traffic I have had over the last almost 20 hours as folks clamor for the details of last night’s awards ceremony. My highest day hit-wise was 167 visitors in one day until today. I’ve topped 1060 visitors according to wordpress stats feature today. I really wanted to post the winners asap even though I didn’t feel I had a chance in my own category as a nominee (Library/Librarian). Apparently the key was tweeting that I had a complete list on Twitter. I don’t think I can write up a followup or new post that will garner as much enthusiastic attention as this event. But I don’t blog for stats, so that’s okay, though the stat feature is amazingly addictive now, especially as I’ve been flabbergasted with all the attention today. Keep blogging out good info my new friend.

  3. Larry,

    congrats always, awards or no awards. I echo Tony’s comments about everyone being a winner.

    However that said, I’m going to look into a few issues. My community got only 7 more votes than last year despite this year making a direct appeal, having a button on the main page, having about 6,000 more members and 300+ people telling me me they voted. What gives? I can only think it has something to do with us being based in Asia and the votes not counting… not complaining but this has to be looked at…..


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