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Do You Know What Bilingual Mexican Workers Earn In Mexico?


Every so often I’ll have a student who says they’re not very interested in learning English because they’re going back to Mexico as soon as possible.

My usual response, which has been pretty effective, is that the student is likely to get a better-paying job there if he/she knows English, too. That position makes sense to me and, usually, to the student, who then tends to become more serious about learning English.

I have gotten anecdotal evidence from English teachers in Mexico that this statement is true, but I’d love to find some data showing it is.

Can anybody help me out?

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Larry,
    Though I could not find a direct comparison between bilingual and non-english speaking jobs, this page might help:

    It outlines many of the top jobs by wages, and you can guess (usually fairly accurately) which jobs actually require english.

  2. I read this article, as far as I know there are some friends working in cacun. those friends get a lot of money money every weekend, because of the skills.
    I think it depends on the way how a person works the get the ability to speak english. the harder you work, the more you will learn; that’s what a teacher told me when I was taking classes in the United States.

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