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When I was first beginning this blog, well-known bloggers like Judy O’Connell and History Is Elementary graciously helped introduce me to a larger audience.

I’d like to do the same for others.

I thought that I’d try-out something I’m calling “Blog Of The Month” and “Twitterer Of The Month.”  I’d like to feature one education-related blogger and one education-related Twitterer each month who is particularly deserving of a larger audience.

I was also inspired byThe Dangerously Irrelevant blog. Scott McLeod has done something similar there to help publicize newer blogs.

The only limitation is that they can’t be on one of these lists already:

The Best ESL/EFL Blogs

The Best (& Most Thoughtful) Blogs On “Big Picture” Education Issues

The Best Twitterers For Sharing Resource Links

The Twenty Blogs I Read First…

The Best Blogs For Sharing Resources/Links — 2009

I’d prefer it if bloggers and twitters were nominated by someone other than themselves. Just leave the name of the person you’re nominating in the comments section of this post, the url address of their blog or Twitter page, and a sentence or two or three about why you think they’re deserving of a wider audience.

I’ll start announcing the “Blog of the Month” and “Twitter of the Month” in April, and continue to keep accepting nominations.

This is just an experiment, and we’ll see how it goes….

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. A fellow staff member of mine created a blog that has been a great help for us teachers. I would like to nominate his blog at

  2. Larry, what a great idea! You’re a complete treasure trove of information and inspiration to us all, and now you’ve come up with an idea to help spread good finds and make connections between people. Thanks for the kind mention. Now happy adventuring with the monthly promotions. Cheers.

  3. Thanks again Larry for putting SO much information out there! Just going through all of your lists to make sure this one wasn’t on your lists gave me so many more resources. =) My nomination is A Whole New Diane at Her “Look what I found” links are one of my daily stops on my Netvibes page.

  4. This year our Tech department added some positions. One of the positions is communications. Scott Powers does an excellent job of keeping a district technology blog that informs teachers of what is going on, highlights teachers and how they use technology, provides resources, and valuable links! I would like to nominate the blog he manages, “Step-up Technology Applications & Resources” at

  5. One of my colleagues has a wonderful blog called ‘SpeechTechie,’ which is meant for speech-language pathologists and other educators. He links technology with our field by frequently posting different websites and programs that can be used to facilitate language development. It is nicely structured in that he introduces the website, gives some technology tips for those who may not be so technologically savvy, and provides recommendations on how to use the website in an educational way, specifically targeting language. It is great because the websites he chooses are straightforward, appealing to kids, and allow speech therapists to target a variety of language objectives. Here’s the link…

  6. “Resources for the Internet, a Guide for K-12 Teachers” is an extremely useful and valuable sight for any educator. It is filled with links to a wide variety of resources which include tutorials, publishing tools and ideas and information for creating exciting, innovative lessons for classrooms. This link is well worth visiting. You won’t be disappointed.

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