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The Best Sites For Learning About Daylight Saving Time


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Check out my New York Times Learning Network interactive for English Language Learners on Daylight Savings Time. Students identify word meanings, explain the context clues they used to determine them, and then respond to an informational writing prompt.

Most of us “lost an hour” today, so I thought I’d quickly bring together a list of accessible resources on Daylight Savings Time. Here in the United States, we’ll be reverting to Standard Time from Daylight Savings time on the second Sunday in November.

Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About Daylight Savings Time (and are accessible to English Language Learners):

National Geographic has an accessible explanation of daylight savings time.

Here’s a “Web Exhibit” on Daylight Savings Time.

What’s The Point of Daylight Savings Time?
is a video from USA Today.

Here’s a British take on the topic from the BBC:

How much daylight does daylight saving time save? is an interactive from Quartz.

Why daylight saving time isn’t as terrible as people think is from The Washington Post.

Much Of The World Doesn’t Do Daylight Saving Time. How Come? is from NPR.

why do we have Daylight Saving Time? is a video from The Telegraph.

Daylight saving time ends Sunday. It ought to go on forever. is from Vox.

When is daylight saving time, and where in the world is it observed? is from Quartz.

Daylight saving time begins Sunday: 6 things to know about “springing forward” is from Vox.

Daylight Saving Time: Why Does It Exist? (It’s Not for Farming) is from The NY TImes.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. This link goes to Spicy Nodes. This page is all about Daylight Savings but is really there to show the power of Spicy Nodes.

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  3. I love the collection on Daylight Saving Time! We are just starting “cause / effect” paragraph writing in our ESL writing class. I plan to have students read and watch several of the videos. Then, they will write and “effect” paragraph. The fact that there were plenty of positive and negative effects expressed in this collection will give my students the opportunity to practice their organization skills.

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