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  1. THANK YOU! This post is a breath of fresh spring air–reminding me to refocus and keep my thoughts on the true purpose. As spring has sprung with more ansty-ness for all of us…as high-stakes testing is quickly approaching—as budgets under crisis threaten so much of what we value—it is great to be reminded that a creative and focused mind, which remembers the true goal, is the best tool of a good teacher and best for our children. 🙂 Lyn the librarian

  2. (Sorry for the typo in my first posting.)

    Hello Larry!

    I think staying focused as a teacher involves keeping your instruction fresh and not losing your sense of purpose. Sometimes it means everything to be reminded how much you love your work. These reminders can come from students as well as fellow teachers.

    I once wrote a blog posting called “Honk If You’re Happy” and invited others to come up with slogans for bumper stickers that any teacher would be proud to slap on their vehicle. A few were “Love to Teach, Love to Learn” / “Got Questions? I got answers.” / “In helping others, I help myself.” In another posting, I threw out ideas on how to avoid burnout. I took my own advice the other day. I watched one of my favorite films about teaching: Mr. Holland’s Opus. The experience of watching an inspiring film is much like reading a stimulating book, as you recommended.

    Good list of suggestions. Thank you. I have you on my blogroll. 🙂

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