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The Best Sites For Creating Sentence Scrambles


Sentence scrambles — taking a sentence and mixing up the word order — are great activities for English Language Learners and native-English speakers alike. They’re good for regular practice, and also nice for competitive games. In the classroom, students can create their own, too. I’ve often had students pick several sentences from the book they’re reading, make up cards with all the words and punctuation marks, paper-clip each sentence together (not in order), and collect them. Then, I divide students in small groups, and each group gets ten or so of them to compete to see who can complete them all first correctly.

I’ve also used them one at a time for just a break from routine, and I’ve also created some for tests. It’s easy, though, to miss including a word when you’re creating them — especially if you’re doing it late or night.

I’ve found two online scrambled sentence creators that work well. All I have to do is copy and paste some sentences and, wallah, I have them automatically scrambled into a worksheet I can print-out or copy and paste.

Here are my picks for The Best Sites For Creating Sentence Scrambles:

“Generators” from John’ ESL. Put your cursor over “Generators Menu.”


Word Jumble: Practicing sentence structures is from tekhnologic.

Great Tool For Creating Sequencing Activities

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. Larry,

    Quite the coincidence! I just wrote about Magnetic Poetry. Pretty cool site where students/teachers can drag words and then reform to make sentences.


  2. Your sentence scrambler v1.4 link is not working. Do you have another link for this site?


  3. Hi Larry. My site (which you kindly included in your article on Information Gap Activity resources) now also features a sentence scramble generator.

    Tim – Proprietor

  4. Larry,
    Thanks for suggesting workshop genius. It seems to be a great tool to use in the class room. I will try using it next semester during my practicum in secondary education.

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  6. Thank you for the links! I really need them. I’m an ESL teacher. I have 25 kids from 7 to 11, and another class of 10 (very argh!) teenagers!!!!!! Thanks!

  7. Hey Larry,
    The Language Menu link is dead.

  8. i am wondering if you can recommend a site or tool that takes scrambled words that i already have and then unscrambles them and puts them in possible sentences….thank you for your time!

  9. Great post! I’ve actually heard only of Word Jumble but will definitely give a try to all of them! I will give you feedback in a few weeks!

    April from Rephrasing Sentences Generator

  10. You should include shuffle_onion.

    It shuffles the words.

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