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The Best Sites To Learn About Genocide In Rwanda


'Rwanda Genocide Memorial' photo (c) 2010, configmanager - license:

Today marks the beginning of the sixteenth anniversary of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, which killed at least 800,000 people (I’ve since added resources marking its twentieth anniversary).

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Here are my choices (a small list for now that will be growing) for The Best Sites To Learn About Genocide In Rwanda — that are accessible to English Language Learners (many are resources developed for the fifteenth anniversary last year):

The BBC has an incredible number of multimedia resources on the Rwandan genocide.

The Telegraph has a video Rwanda: 15 Years After.

Intended Consequences is an award-winning multimedia presentation on what has happened to 20,000 children (and their mothers) who were conceived by rape during the genocide.

Ghosts of Rwanda is the website of a PBS film.

Students Remember Rwanda Genocide is a new lesson for ELL’s from Breaking News English.

Reflections on the Rwandan Genocide is a series of photos from TIME Magazine.

Rwanda Lesson & Writing Prompt

Rwanda timeline: 100 days of genocide is from The Guardian.

Rwanda stories: tales of hope emerge from shadow of genocide is from The Guardian.

Portraits of Reconciliation is from The New York Times (you might also be interested in Another Good Writing Prompt: Reconciliation.

Following Orders in Rwanda is is also from The NY Times.

Rwandan Stories is an impressive site.

A Good Man In Rwanda is from The BBC.

Remembering Rwandans Who Followed Their Conscience
is from NPR.

The Rwandan Genocide: 20 years later is a photo gallery from The Boston Globe.

Here’s a video from NBC News:

Rwanda: a scene from the genocide is an interactive from The Guardian.

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  2. The memior Left To Tell is also a great source to understand the genocide.

  3. Last month I visited Rwanda with a group from my High School, and the genocide there has almost entirely faded from Rwandans lives. Obviously some people are still hurting and don’t want to remember, but many very openly share their stories and are able to confidently say that it happened 16 years ago, and its not something to dwell upon. Its weird being there and seeing dust covered genocide memorial sites, and realizing that this happened while I was alive.
    FOr more information i suggest reading “we wish to inform you that tomorrow we will be killed with our families,” or “shake hands with the devil” which is also a Canadian film.
    Thank you for taking interest in such a forgotten and unpublicized part of history.

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