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At Bookemon, you can create an online book for free that can be shared and also have the option to purchase a printed version.

What really makes it attractive to me, though, is that you can use any of its templates for a book and just upload a Word or PDF document that will automatically be inserted into the book. In other words, a student who is familiar with Word can write a “book” — including images he/she took or ones they grabbed off the Web (that are copyright-friendly, of course); upload it to Bookemon; and within minutes have an online presentation that looks very much like a virtual book.

I really like applications that let students use something they are very familiar with and then convert it into something a lot neater. Students just with the knowledge of typing and copy and pasting can quickly create a piece of writing that looks a lot more attractive and can be shared.

I’m adding Bookemon to The Best Places Where Students Can Write Online.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

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  1. I created two books on Bookemon. The second one was undeliverable by UPS because I left off the Unit number. It was shipped before March 15 and I was told it would be returned to Bookemon and sent back out to the corrected address. UPS told me only Bookemon could add the unit number. I know who signed for the book and it has been at the address for over a month now. The support group continues to say they will send it when they get it back. Many of the support emails are poorly written (spelling and grammar). I have now exchanged over 10 emails trying to get the book resent. Is anyone aware of a higher level contact I can speak with? Thank you!!!! This is the second book I have ordered. The quality was great, but if there is a problem, I cannot recommend them.

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