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“Top 40 Nature Photographs Of All Time”


Some of the “Top 40 Nature Photographs Of All Time” are being auctioned off to support environmental activities in support of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day.

They’re incredible….

Here is more information from the Flickr site:

The International League of Conservation Photographers, a fellowship of the top professional conservation photographers working today, was recruited to nominate nature photographs that the member photographers considered to be “the best,” in whatever way they chose to define it…

Some of these photographs have been generously donated by the photographers or their representatives for the inaugural Christie’s Green Auction in support of Conservation International, Oceana, Natural Resources Defense Council, and the Central Park Conservancy.

I’m adding the link to The Best Earth Day Sites.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


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  2. Dear Larry,

    HELP! I am so impressed with your work. You are so gifted and inspired. However, right now I am also scared to death. I just retired three years ago after forty years of teaching Spanish, English Literature, Writing, ESL, and Critical Thinking at both the secondary and university levels on the East Coast. We have resettled in Arizona. It is beautiful and conducive to outside life which I adore…but I am going crazy not being in the classroom. Since I am bilingual, I am able to do a great deal of volunteer work. This helps.

    However, wonders do happen! I have just been invited to teach a TOK class at Verde Valle School up in Sedona. IMAGINE! At my advanced, albeit lovely, age. I am lost. How do I begin? Where do I begin? I want to engage this opportunity with everything I have. However, my first need is direction. I would be so grateful for any help or advice you could give me. The students I will be teaching are just arrived from Shanghai. I have to repeat that your work is so beautiful, inspired, and intelligent. Any advice or direction you could give me would be so appreciated.
    Also, I would be happy to send you some of the articles I have published. Good stuff to put you to sleep.

    I hope we can connect. Then you could come and hike with us in Sedona.

    My best,

    Mary Fallon

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