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The Best Online Applications For Creating Panoramas


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I’m beginning to play around with creating panoramic photos, and I thought it might be a fun project to do with students, too. I’ve written a lot about how I use photos in in my teaching (you can read about those strategies in the two other lists I’ve already mentioned), and I’m thinking that student-created panoramas might be an engaging project to explore.

None of the online apps on this list are super, super simple, but they appear manageable and have accessible instructions on how to take the pictures. They don’t require any software download, and they’re free.

Here are my choices for The Best Online Applications For Creating Panoramas:




Photsynth is a new free Microsoft app for the iPhone for taking panoramic photos. Here’s how ReadWriteWeb describes it:

Photosynth stands out as you can capture images not just along a horizontal line, but in all directions – up, down, left and right. And rather than just relying on you to hold the camera steady while you pan, the app gives you guidelines of where the next image should be places and next photo snapped.

It also lets you share the photo to Facebook and to Bing Maps.

Tourwrist looks like a useful iPhone app to take 360 panoramic images. You can read more about it at Read Write Web.

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

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  1. Larry, thank you very much for contributing this piece of work.
    I have tried the three sites you list, here’s what I found.

    Dermander successfully loaded my images and created a panorama. However the whole site runs on flash and this crashed every time I used their option to save a copy of my panorama. End result: an online version that was embeddable, but I couldn’t save it to my local drive.

    Clevr requires registration but never emailed me the credentials to log in.

    Clicking on the link to Magtoo returns a “Server not found”.

    Oh well, back to photoshop 🙂

  2. Larr woudl you be interested in reviewing one more

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