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The Best Sites For Learning About The Mount St. Helens Eruption


Thirty years ago today an earthquake caused the Mount St. Helens volcano to erupt.

I’ll be adding this list to A Compilation Of “The Best…” Lists About Natural Disasters, which contains “The Best…” lists to other volcanoes, along with many online resources to learning about volcanoes in general.

In addition to the resources in this post, you might want to explore a nice list developed by Richard Byrne earlier today. I have not duplicated any of the sites on that list here.

Here are my picks for The Best Sites For Learning About The Mount St. Helen Eruption:

Mount St. Helens, 30 Years Ago is a series of images from The Boston Globe’s Big Picture.

Mt. St. Helens, 30 Years Later is a slideshow from The Wall Street Journal.

Mount St. Helens Photos is a slideshow from CBS News.

ABC News has online videos from 1980 about the eruption.

Here’s a panoramic view of Mount St. Helens today.

Mount St. Helens: Then and Now is an excellent slideshow from MSNBC.

15 Explosive Images of Mount Saint Helens

NPR has a slideshow titled Mount St. Helens: New Life, 30 Years Later.

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  2. I believe several years after Mt. St. Helen’s, (1985-1986 ish) I watched a movie on cable (HBO) regarding the volcano’s deadly blast. At the end of the movie, a report was given on the stats of the eruption. It began: “The eruption of Mt St Helen’s was equiviliant to the explosive power of 500 atomic bombs. The blast flattened….” That is all I remember, but would love to locate the movie or the entire report from the movie. I have searched with no answers. Can you help me please? This report had an impact on me.

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