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The Marshall Islands


We have a fair number of students from the Marshall Islands who attend our school. We’re in the middle of a week of celebrating the different ethnicities and cultures of our students. We’re doing short class projects on each culture.

I’ve just added quite a few resources on the Marshall Islands to The Best Sites For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month:

How Stuff Works has a brief overview of the islands.

Check-out panoramic images of the islands.

Here’s a slideshow of the islands.

CBS News has a “Fast Facts” sheet on the islands.

The Marshall Islands Journal is a local newspaper website.

Here’s a video report on weapons testing in the islands.

The BBC has a Marshall Islands country profile

Marshall Islands Facts comes from National Geographic.

Marshall Islands Stamps

Marshall Islands Stamps 1

Marshall Islands Stamps Part 2

Marshall Islands Stamps Part 3

Marshall Islands Picture Gallery

Marshall Islands Picture Gallery 1

Marshall Islands Picture Gallery 2

Marshall Islands Historical Images

Marshall Islands Historical Postcards

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