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The Best Resources For World Biodiversity Day (& Endangered Species Day)


'Endangered Species Day' photo (c) 2013, USFWS Mountain-Prairie - license:

Today, May 22nd, has been named The International Day for Biological Diversity by the United Nations. Started in 2006 by the U.S. Congress, Endangered Species Day is the third Friday of May.

Here are my choices for The Best Resources For World Biodiversity Day (that are accessible to English Language Learners):

The Best Sites To Learn About Pandas

The Best Sites For Learning About Polar Bears

ESL Holiday Lessons has an online lesson for ELL’s.

Loss of Nature Will Damage Economies is another lesson from Breaking News English.

Here’s an infographic that shows the top 20 countries with endangered species.

10 Species Near Extinction is a TIME Magazine slideshow.

Animals Under Siege is a TIME infographic.

Treehugger has several good slideshows, including:

Cutest Endangered Animals

These Amazing Endangered Species Drawings Are by Kids

Lesser Known Endangered Species

Portraits Of America’s Endangered Species is a slideshow from NPR.

Bagheera may be the best resource of all for information on endangered species, including their Endangered TV site.

National Geographic has this good resource:

Interactive Map

Here are good materials that would require teacher modification to make them accessible to ELL’s:

World’s biodiversity ‘crisis’ needs action, says UN is from the BBC.

Planet’s Biodiversity Said Under New Threat comes from CBS News.

Saving the World’s Endangered Species is an excellent resource from TIME Magazine.

Nature loss ‘to damage economies’ is from the BBC.

State of the Planet: A Snapshot is an audio slideshow from Scientific American. It shows humanity’s impact on other species. The narrator speaks quite fast, but the maps shown in the slideshow are accessible to English Language Learners.

Which animals are in danger? is the title of a series of very accessible articles on endangered species from the CBBC Newsround.

Rarest of the rarest: top 10 lost amphibians is a slideshow from The Guardian.

A Directory of Rare Wonders is an interactive from The New York Times.

Endangered Species Ecotourism: Developing Citizen Science Travel Itineraries is a lesson plan from The New York Times Learning Network.

IUCN red list 2011 – in pictures is from The Guardian and highlights endangered species. You can see the entire “red list” here.

Are We in the Midst Of a Sixth Mass Extinction? is a New York Times graphic.

The world’s extinct and endangered species – interactive map is from The Guardian.

World’s most extraordinary species mapped for the first time – interactive is from The Guardian.

Here’s an impressive infographic from the World Bank. You can get a larger version here:


A Disappearing Planet is a great interactive from Propublica.

Top 10 Biodiversity Conservation Infographics is from Saving Species.

The horn and ivory trade is an infographic from The Washington Post.

Half The World’s Wildlife Has Vanished Since 1970 [Infographic]
is from Forbes.

Biodiversity: Life ­– a status report is an interactive from Nature.

Red List: the world’s most threatened species – interactive is from The Guardian.

World Wildlife Day 2015: 5 critically endangered species dying out in the wild

Why is biodiversity so important? is the title of a new TED-Ed video and lesson.

In Pieces is a nice interactive.

See 17 Animals on the Verge of Going Extinct is from TIME.

What Is Missing? is an interactive & multimedia map and timeline of extinct and endangered species.

Vanishing: The Extinction Crisis Is Far Worse Than You Think is an important – and depressing – new CNN multimedia interactive.

It’s quite ambitious, though perhaps slightly confusing in its navigation tools.

Fighting Extinction: Researching and Designing Solutions to Protect Endangered Species is a lesson plan from The New York Times Learning Network.

Suggestions are welcome…

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Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


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