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Tube Chop

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I don’t usually post a whole lot about YouTube ‘accessories” since it’s blocked in most School Districts.

However, I just tried out Tube Chop, which allows you to very easily just cut-out the portion of the YouTube clip you want to show. It’s really neat.

I’ve embedded a two minute clip from the nauseatingly paternalistic movie “Dangerous Minds” into my other blog, Engaging Parents In School. Though I’ve got issues with the movie, the clip of a teacher home visit is great.

Splicd is a similar tool.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.

One Comment

  1. I too have recently shared the value of Tube Chop with my gr. 7/8 students. Their task was to link 3 meaningful passages in their novel study to 3 pieces of music of their choice. While their music choices were excellent, I didn’t want to listen to 12 min. of music/project. With Tube Chop, they could cut the piece to the relevant section. They quickly caught onto this easy to use tool. While we found these chopped video segments could be embedded into their pbworks wiki, it was not accepted by some Web 2.0 tools used by other students for their projects such as Glogster. Therefore, test before using.

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