This list is a companion to The Best Sites To Learn About Pandas. They’re both endangered, they’re both big, they’re both cute, and I wouldn’t want to get very close to either one of them out in the wild!

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Here are my choices for The Best Sites For Learning About Polar Bears (and are accessible to English Language Learners):

Houghton Mifflin has a science interactive about polar bears.

The BBC has a very accessible interactive giving information about the polar bear.

The BBC also has a much more extensive multimedia site about the animals.

The Polar Bear Plunge is an impressive interactive from the San Diego Zoo. In addition to all of its great resources, though, they also have some games that have no educational value, so you’d want to carefully monitor your students if they go to that site.

The BBC has another very, very simple site on polar bears.

Polar Bear Protection Program is the headline of an article from Scholastic News.

Studying Polar Bears is a slideshow from The New York Times.

National Geographic has a ton of related resources.

Here’s a great lesson from The English Club on polar bears.

Check out this video of polar bear cubs at play:

Suggestions are welcome.

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