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More Good Posts On “Superman”


Here are some additions to The Best Posts & Articles About The Teacher-Bashing “Waiting For Superman” Movie & Associated Events:

NBC’s Teacher Town Hall – reaction/reflection by Ken Bernstein

What ‘Superman’ got wrong, point by point by Rick Ayers at The Answer Sheet

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  2. What ‘Superman’ got wrong, point by point:

    Rethinking Schools invites you to join the NOT Waiting for Superman campaign: “A new film, Waiting for Superman, will draw media attention to public education across the country. Unfortunately, most of it will be negative. So we’ve started a project to talk back to the film and the message it promotes. We hope you will join us at (currently facebook page, will change over to a website being created soon).

    “The message of the film is that public schools are failing because of bad teachers and their unions. The film’s ‘solution,’ to the minimal extent it suggests one, is to replace them with ‘great’ charter schools and teachers who have less power over their schools and classrooms.

    “This message is not just wrong. In the current political climate, it’s toxic.”


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