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Be Prepared To Laugh With Tears Flowing After Watching “Collaborative Planning” Video


I believe Tom Hoffman created this “must-watch” video.

I’ve never had a principal like the one featured, but I know others who have.

Thanks to Alice Mercer for letting me know about it.

Author: Larry Ferlazzo

I'm a high school teacher in Sacramento, CA.


  1. I had a grad school course with Principals-in-Training. One was EXACTLY like this guy. Scary…

  2. Jimi Hendrix FTW!!! That was hilarious.

  3. I DO know someone like that! How funny is that!!

  4. That is not funny, it is true!! I have had at least 3 principals exactly like that not to mention dozen’s of teachers I have taught with. Those people have no idea and take the fun out of teaching!

  5. Yes, the tears flowed after the laughter, Larry, you were right! So very sad to think great teachers can be stymied by ludicrous bureaucracy this way.

  6. This is so scary because I do know administrators just like this. Why does it matter that every teacher is on the same page and lesson on the same day? What about teachable moments? Yikes, makes me glad I am in higher ed now, but I know my students face this in their real world of teaching.

  7. I love the Jimi Hendrix line. Thanks for the laugh!

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